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I'm Thrilled You're Here! 

I'm Alyssa Paul, Director & Licensed Psychotherapist at Ocean Psychotherapy Services out of the Jersey Shore, specializing in the treatment of Complex Trauma and PTSD.

   My personal experiences of healing from trauma have guided my path to where it is now. I am grateful for the opportunities I get to support people on their unique journey of healing and self-discovery.I believe wholeheartedly that within every person lies a universe of capabilities and strengths waiting to be unveiled. With compassion, understanding, and support, a person can be empowered to overcome some of the darkest experiences. 

    Daily I remind myself of "Unbuntu" a South African concept meaning "I Am Because You Are." The essence of "Unbuntu" is the oneness of humanity. We are all bound together in ways we cannot see. I cannot live and do the things I do without everyone else. Acknowledging that it's not all about me allows me to do what I do with pure acceptance, understanding, and appreciation. 

     Since receiving my Master's in Social Work from Kean University, I have trained in multiple therapeutic interventions to address the complexities of trauma properly. I advocate for the use of holistic approaches as well as increasing awareness of how malnutrition impacts mental health. 

Some of my specialties include...

  • Trauma-Informed Care

  • EMDR Trained

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

  • Approved Clinical Supervisor

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If you have not had a session in over a month please contact me directly.

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